Sweets to the Sweet

Welcome to Sweetreats by Lattis . . .

. . . Where unique cakes, fillings and specialty baked goods are created from scratch just like our grand-parents did.

       Our gourmet fare includes assorted Gift Cakes, Gift and Specialty items such as Malibu Rocks, Scones and Gift packages.

        Featured on our Layer Cake Gallery are some wedding cakes just for your viewing pleasure.

        There is no shopping cart at this time, but feel to browse and drool just for fun.

         Be back at cha soon.


About Us


Sweetreats by Lattis is a little business venture which was started about 35 years ago by Lattis because of my love of baking and cooking.

I first s‚Äčtarted baking in Barbados when I was knee high to a grasshopper.  I couldn't even reach the stove so I used my mother's coal pot better known as a hibachi grill to make soups, stews and anything my mother would allow me to make.  Then I graduated to baking and making desserts, breads and cakes from magazines such as Ebony, my most memorable magazine. My love continued when I came to the U.S. where I honed my skills at home purely out of my passion for the art.

With three stores at different times, I have shipped products to customers in all 50 states in just about every industry. 

As I have grown older, my passion has never waned, neither has my dream of having stores around the state or country, but for now, this site is just to share my products with visitors.  

I am still editing and adding items, but not sure if or when I will take orders, so in the meantime, just browse and have fun.